The Maria Cristina Foundation

At Vecta Strategy, we exist to help businesses to perform at their best. However, more importantly our purpose extends over and above businesses or brands, to a personal and societal level as well. This is why Vecta Strategy is helping to promote the Maria Cristina Foundation, which is founded by Maria Conceicao, a person who truly embodies our principle of “performing at your best”. 

The Maria Cristina Foundation has so far helped over 600 children to access vital education. Many of whom are heading for top universities and careers, thanks purely to the help of the foundation.

In performing at her best, Maria is helping people perform at their best, who will in turn learn how to help other people perform at their best. It’s a trigger effect, and it is something we are so proud to support.

To keep up with Maria’s journey, visit here and to donate to the cause, visit here.

If you would like to incorporate the Maria Cristina Foundation into your company’s CSR program

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