Our Capabilities Customer Experience

Increase customer loyalty, engagement and sales significantly by building an omni-channel customer experience with a strong digital presence.

As competition is increasing, more and more organisations are realising the importance of customer experience and the high level of expectations customers are setting. The customer experience landscape is extending to government regulators that set active measures to ensure that the brand promise to customers are reasonable and fair. With numerous social media channels available, the customer’s voice is now easily heard and can influence the value tremendously, positively or negatively. Business strategies are now being tailored carefully to be more customer centered. Our consultants are experienced in implementing platforms that enable organisations to listen to their customers in order to increase customer loyalty and advocacy.

At Vecta Strategy we work closely with organisations to build a customer vision that is applied to all customer and non-customer facing touch points. We ensure you make best use of customer focused technology in order to make change not only scaleable but also repeatable across the whole organisation.

Develop a sustainable, customer focused culture which promotes long-term relationships across customer and non-customer facing staff. Our customer experience areas of expertise


What sets us apart is that unlike most consultancies, we do not just advise on change but influence the whole journey. We don’t just understand where you are today and create options, we influence change by sitting across all three key areas of the process including action.

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