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How Dubai is building its brand

6th August 2015

Dubai is on a mission to further strengthen its brand and I believe that it has every chance of succeeding. Why? Because it does what all great and meaningful brands do – which is, put its people at the centre.

The great Simon Sinek once said “start with ‘why’…”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, stop reading here and start watching here:

So what makes a great brand? Great brands start with ‘why’ – their purpose.

In the 2021 Dubai Plan from the Government of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum states in the foreword: “we embark on a journey towards achieving further happiness and comfort for all of our people”.

In my mind, brands are its people. A collection of individuals that work together on a shared purpose. They either believe in the purpose or at the very least acknowledge it. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be there. The same applies to a city, or state or country. Dubai is putting its people at the centre of its vision. And happy people equals a happy brand, which equals a happy Dubai.

So what can Dubai teach the world about brand building?

1. Shared purpose

By having a shared purpose, people from all backgrounds, experience and beliefs can join together to achieve great things.

2. Focus on happiness

Happiness is arguably the ultimate measurement of success. It comes in many forms and means different things to different people. But if your (one) brand can create happiness for many, then you have created a strong brand.

3. Lead(er) by example

All great brands need a leader. Someone to define the path that the brand will take. Someone to make bold decisions and be the face of the brand in good times and in bad.

4. Keep moving

Great brands never stand still and its people never stop learning. By acquiring knowledge and having one eye always on the future, your brand can continue to move forward.

5. Be true to yourself

Change is all around us. But one thing that should never change is your beliefs. Stay true to who you are and the principles that built the foundations of the brand.

To see how Dubai’s 2021 plan takes shape, follow them on Twitter: @DubaiPlan2021

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